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Exclusive Offer to Contributing Members of the VIC Staff Associations and Unions

We are pleased to announce that as of the New Year 2017, we are now offering exclusive rates to contributing members of the VIC Staff Associations and Unions. In order to provide the level of quality that many expats and diplomats expect from a limousine service, Airport Services VIE (operated by JaadCar) has introduced various amenities including airport transfer, point-to-point transfer, shuttle bus and rent-a-car options at exclusive rates.

Airport Services VIE Ferien Messe 2017

Airport Services VIE at the Autoshow and Holiday Fair in Vienna

The Holiday Fair in Vienna is an international event covering all topics relating to holiday, travel and leisure. With more than 800 exhibitors from over 70 countries presenting popular holiday destinations, best kept secrets, recommended means of traveling and great bargains, it is the leading public access tourism trade fair in Austria.

In order to continue providing you with top quality service and the latest holiday trends, Airport Services VIE and JaadCar regularly attend the Holiday Fair in Vienna to develop a wide network of partners in and around Europe. This year we managed to network with over 30 airlines, hotels and travel agencies to provide with special rates and promotions.

Airport Services VIE Private School Transport

Private School Transport by Airport Services VIE

As of mid-January 2017, Airport Services VIE (operated by JaadCar) has begun collaborating with several embassies, the UN and other international organizations to provide private fee-based school transport.

With sturdy vehicles and professional chauffeurs, we pick your kids up from home, drop them off at their school and back safely and punctually.

Call us now at +43 (0) 676 774 1805 to inquire about our private school transport service.

Airport Services VIE School Transport